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Nice, Inexpensive Wool Balaclava

Well, I just received my Minus33 100% Wool Base Layer Style 720 Balaclava, it was pretty inexpensive at ~$15 + free shipping. The feel is pretty nice, I’m looking forward to trying it next week (and possibly more of the … Continue reading

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My Commuter (Modified Trek Soho S)

Wide-View, originally uploaded by j.dmitch. Figured it was about time to post some pics of my ride. If you click through you can see the entire Flickr set, with explanations of the various angles and shots and components.

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Bike Umbrella?

So, I saw a post for Nubrella over at The Goat, and I thought “Why am I not hearing this on the Bike Blogs?”… well, they have a pic of a guy wearing it while bicycling on their “Why Nubrella?” … Continue reading

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Not Riding Bugs Me…

I’ve often said that lack of sleep is really my main weakness when it comes to biking to work. Well, Tuesday that’s what it was. Both my sons were restless all night… which meant neither my wife, nor I got … Continue reading

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Route Update

I figured I’d post my new route, Google Maps calls it right at 10.1 miles. Add another 0.1 for the distance from the intersection to my house.

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First Commute of 2008

Well, if you have a goal of riding to work everyday in 2009, you can’t skip out on the first day because it’s cold. Boy was it cold… but it didn’t take long to warm up. FYI, here’s what I … Continue reading

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