Fixed + Headwind + Incline = Sucks

So, I rode my s3x tikit into work, for the first time, yesterday (getting back into commuting). Unfortunately, in the way home I was facing a stiff KS headwind, with the fixed gear and the occasional incline (yes we have those in KS) I was hurting by the time I got home (not being in shape contributed…).

So, today is recovery day. Tomorrow, I’m back in the saddle.

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New Tikit Cargo Solution!

Needed to take my wife’s van in to be serviced but come home rather than wait. What would be better than using the Tikit?

Of course, I forgot there were some things in the van my wife would need and I hadn’t grabbed any panniers or bags. What to do? Improvise!

Actually, I think it worked pretty well…

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Update on New Bike

In reference to yesterday’s post, this is on its way…

PS – If the color scheme seems odd… take your pick…

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Happy Email of the Day

“Your bike is on the way with this Fedex tracking #:

The rack will follow ASAP”

I’m so stoked… More when it arrives…

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Bikes, Pizza & Gelato

The boys and I had a blast at the recent Spin Pizza family ride. Unfortunately it was the last of the summer… 😦

Well my oldest had a blast, my younger boy apparently didn’t get enough of a nap. 😉

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New job, new route, new blog…

So, after a long hiatus (lost a job and then got a job that was not bike commute possible) I started a new job this past week. It fits my skill set and education perfectly AND it’s going to be sweet riding to work. I’ll pick up the MUP / Trail a couple blocks from my house and take it to within a couple blocks of my office. Also, there’s space in my cube to fit my bike…

I’ll post a google maps route later… It really is sweet.

Oh, and if you didn’t notice thus blog has a new home:
I believe I’ve re-routed everything right so you shouldn’t have to resubscribe.

PS – I actually have a new bike coming a well… But I’ll post more on that later…

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Test Post

Just testing iPhone client…

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