Levi’s Commuter = DOA for me :(

So, I had been eagerly awaiting the launch of the new Levi’s Commuter line… Lots of great features AND the potential to try size before I ordered.

Realize, though, 511 is not my normal cut. However, I tried on some 511 32Wx30L classics and my wife agreed that they’re snug buy not obscene on my frame (muscled thighs from hauling kids around in our Madsen).

With sizing in hand, I patiently waited for Levi to launch them online (no launch partners in KC). Ordered the chinchilla in great hopes that they’d pass for khakis at the office.

They arrived last night:

Good news: Very well made, would pass totally pass for Khakis, look sharp (though prefer zip to button fly)

Bad news? – either cut is different, or it’s the material, or the pair of 511 classics I tried weren’t true, or my legs have grown in the last month… But the sizing is a non-starter for me… Forget looks… I could barley squeeze my thighs in and the hips just weren’t happening… could only get the fly about half closed…

So back to Levi’s they go… Not sure if I want to try a size or two up… Or just wait for Levi to do a more thigh room cut…

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